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Country Bankers Insurance Corporation (CBIC) traces its roots from the prestigious group of Rural Bankers hailing from all regions of the Philippines.  CBIC in part remains closely identified with the rural banking system, having been founded on October 17, 1960 by the late Don Jose E. Desiderio, Sr., and Don Alfredo L. Montelibano Sr., both well-known rural bankers.

Founded as an enterprise that will effectively handle the insurance needs and requirements of rural bankers and country folks as well, Country Bankers Insurance Corporation (formerly known as Country Bankers Insurance & Surety Co., Inc.) concentrated its main thrust in the countryside servicing small business entrepreneurs, industrialists and the numerous agribusiness ventures all over the country.  CBIC, with its unique set-up, continues to enjoy steady growth remarkably maintaining its competitive edge in the industry through active yet prudent corporate programs enabling us to secure the continued support of well-known London Reinsurers.

Having gained a strong foothold in the rural areas, CBIC in 1978, initiated massive penetration drive to open-up new fronts by expanding its operations to the urban commercial centers and various corporate accounts.  This pivotal move proved to be a great success so-much-so that CBIC’s distribution networks are now operating in most key-cities, provincial capitals and economic centers of the country.

Country Bankers Insurance Corporation continues its total commitment to provide for the insurance needs of what we consider to be the cornerstone of our country’s economy . . . You!